Receiving the Offering

Donors give offerings, both designated and undesignated contributions, to their local church to be used by the church board to accomplish the mission of the church. Under the new plan, pastors are encouraged to communicate regularly from the pulpit about each offering's contribution to global mission.


Offerings will be counted and recorded by the counting committee as they always have been. Monies received for World Evangelism Fund or Mission Specials are recorded and reported as usual. The reporting application has a field for total income as well as fields for amounts submitted to:

  • World Evangelism Fund
  • Mission Specials
  • P&B (in the USA only)
  • EDU (in the USA only) Checks to be mailed to: Eastern Nazarene College, 23 E. Elm Ave., Quincy, MA 02170
  • District (in the USA only) Checks to be mailed to: Upstate District, PO Box 258, Clay, NY 13041